Ecotourism, business to invest today in Belarus

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Ecotourism is a promising sector with an annual growth of 15-20% in the world while the overall growth of 4% is considered acceptable for the tourism sphere.

Ecotourism in Belarus is still young. Belarusian recreational and tourism resources are still not used to the maximum, which offers perspectives for the development of ecotourism. Belarus has appropriate areas for ecotourism. Recently, three specially protected areas – reserves «Drozhbitka-Svina», «Input» and Wild Swamp (located in the National Park Belovezhskaya Pushcha) – gained international status and have been included in the World List of Wetlands of International importance. Currently, 23 territories in Belarus has this status, which increases the attractiveness of Belarus for tourists.

Medical and health tourism in ecological territories of Belarus is developing at an growing pace. In 2006, for example, 28,000 foreigners visited Belarusian health resorts. In the year 2014, this figure rose to 240,000 foreign tourists.

Belarus has 113 resorts in operation. In the past five years, the occupation rate of the Belarussian sanatoriums was about 90%. Purely state resorts have almost disappeared becoming private property. The prices of services are not regulated by the administration and spas self-determine the price beforehand.


Medical and natural resources are the main factor that helps sanatoriums increase sales of their services. The treatment is based on the use of:

  • mineral waters;
  • lakes and swamps with therapeutic mud;
  • therapeutic climate;
  • natural landscapes

With all the advantages and unique natural resources, there is a growing interest among Spanish investors with ongoing projects for the construction of new resorts. In addition, not only they build new facilities, but also renew the facilities of the old sanatoriums.


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