Business opportunities

The Hispanic-Belarusian Chamber of Commerce is an efficient mediator in the representation, promotion and support of commercial relations between Spain and Belarus. If you are interested in any of these opportunities, please contact:

  • Investments in Spain

    Houses under construction for sale next to golf course


    Chalets are sold half-terminated in a privileged urbanization next to the golf camp Zarapicos Salamanca at an attractive price.

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  • Demands in Spain

    Looking for distributors of gin and tonic kits


    Manufacturer of various products specialized in Gins and Vodkas that has several packs available is looking for interested distributors.

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  • Investments in Belarus

    Construction of multilevel parking in the city of Grodno


    The investment project includes the construction of multilevel parking with commerce and public services.

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    Production organization of juices and nectars in tetra pack packaging at canning plant of Grodno «Grodnopischeprom»


    Involves the installation of a line for bottling juices in packages “Tetra pack” on the company’s site.

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    Creation of joint venture for the organization of processing waste tires


    The investment project consists of organization of recycling in order to obtain tire crumb rubber.

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    Production of high-tech equipment for laser surgery


    From the technological point of view, the local production of medical equipment is obsolete. Only about 5-10% of locally produced laser equipment meets the modern technical requirements.

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    Production of x-ray equipment


    The imaging equipment ranks first in the volume of medical equipment imports to Russia.

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  • Demands in Belarus

    Licensed production of drugs


    Belarusian pharmaceutical company is actively looking for business proposals from international pharmaceutical companies.

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    Fruit and vegetable suppliers are searched in Spain


    Belarusian distributor of fruits and vegetables is looking for producers and suppliers of good quality fruit and vegetables at a good price.

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    Comercial property in sale in the center of Minsk


    Interesting commercial space both for its location and its profitability.

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    Search for new suppliers of products for sale in pharmacies


    Belarusian importer and distributor of drugs is constantly looking for new suppliers of products for wholesale in pharmacy chains and its proper pharmacy chain.

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    Hypermarket chain in search of retail spaces


    The largest chain of hypermarkets «Korona» has decided to build a new format of retail properties «shops close to home».

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    Search of direct suppliers of fabrics and accessories


    The company Serge, one of the leading manufacturers of knitted underwear & casual wear in Belarus, is interested in direct supply of fabric.

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    «Kommunarka» is looking for partners for mutually beneficial cooperation


    «Kommunarka» offers partnership in form of FRANCHISING (FREE OF CHARGE).

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    «Mozhelit» offers cooperation on mutually beneficial terms


    Currently the company is working with manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers, sole proprietors.

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    «Vitebsk Carpets» offers products of its own production


    Currently the company «Vitebsk Carpets» with extensive capabilities for producing carpets is willing to consider any proposal for cooperation.

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    Cosmetics production under contract


    The company «Modum» is looking for partners for the production of cosmetics under contract.

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