Invest in Belarus

Belarus is located in the heart of Europe, strategically located, with easy access to European and Russian markets.
Its great advantage is that it is part of the “Customs Union” with Russia and Kazakhstan after having eliminated the tariff arrangements between these countries.

Because of its good economic situation, has been enjoying growth rates of 10%, and high income per capita, Belarus offers the best business environment in Eastern Europe, and is a benchmark for foreign investment, which finds numerous attractive niches. The economic situation is positive, despite the global crisis. Relations, both with Russia and the EU-nations as well as its neighboring countries, are excellent.

Registering a business in Belarus requires minimum requirements: with professional advice one can open a company in 24 hours. This is a very liberal country in which there are six tax-free economic zones.

Also, privatization processes present new opportunities for foreign investors. Investments that are guaranteed by Government Code Protection of the Rights of foreign investors.

Investors may be both individuals and companies. The usual way to invest in Belarus is through the creation of new business or buying an existing company. There is freedom to undertake investment property and freedom to repatriate corporate profits to the investor’s home country.

According to the Doing Business report (held by the World Bank), foreign investment in Belarus has better position, compared with Russia and Ukraine, to conduct business; ranked 9th (of the 185 existing countries) in facilities to establish new businesses. It is the third country in the world where it is easier to obtain electricity, number 13 in legal certainty to enforce contracts and is ranked 30 in the ranking of assistance in obtaining the building permit.

Its simplified tax system, which ranges between 12 and 24% of the profits (9% tax for workers) has motivated large international corporations to install in Belarus, a country that needs to import most of the products they consume. The cheap and abundant labor, their high level of training, and the potential of the emerging middle class converts Belarus in a country full of opportunities, yet little explored.