Production of high-tech equipment for laser surgery

Description of the investment project
The investment project: Production of high-tech equipment for laser surgery

Investment area
Chinese-Belarusian Industrial Park covers an area of ​​about 80 square kilometers, with a special legal regime guaranteeing favorable conditions for investments. The park is built with a strong emphasis on high-tech innovation and competitive production with export prospects. It is located 25 km from the capital of Belarus – Minsk – in a unique natural complex and very near the international airport, railway and international road Berlin-Moscow.

Brief market characteristic
The share of Russian production of medical equipment and healthcare furniture is only 18%. The rest is imported. The growth rate of long-term Russian market reached 18.2% annually. From the technological point of view, the local production of medical equipment is obsolete. Only about 5-10% of locally produced laser equipment meets the modern technical requirements. The consumption of equipment for laser surgery in Russia is growing. The Russian market of medical products could exceed up to 10-12 billion dollars in 2018.

Total cost of the project
The total and final amount depends on the investment costs of the project. Approximately estimated at $20 million.

Form of investor participation
Industrial Park «Great Stone»