Production organization of juices and nectars in tetra pack packaging at canning plant of Grodno “Grodnopischeprom”

Descripcion of the investment project
The investment project involves the installation of a line for bottling juices in packages «Tetra pack» on the company’s site.

Tecnical caracteristics of the project
The investment project involves the installation of juice production line with the capacity of 10,000 tons per year.

Launch product
Juices and nectars in the package «Tetra Pack» (0.5 l), production of concentrated juice (orange, multifruit, pineapple), juices on own raw materials (apple juice, carrot, vegetables).

Investment area
The canning plant of Grodno is located in the city of Grodno. The company disposes of the transportation and engineering infrastructure necessary for productive activity. At 13 km of the plant there is a railway station, along the territory of the company passes the highway. Power supply is carried out by AEP 10 kW from two transformer stations (TS 616 and TS 134) with three engines (TMG – 420 CHED, TMG-630 CHED). The distribution network is a three phase electrical power with grounding. To provide the company with the heat energy, there are two boilers installed in the company boiler:
AN – 2500 – steam pipe 4t / h
AN – 1500-2 m / h
The sources of water are the main water highway «Grodnovodokanal» and a private well with a flow rate of 32 m. Cu. / H

Prime materials
In 2011, there were purchased raw materiales in the agricultural organizations of the Grodno region in its entirety: apples – 2405 tons, carrots – 1200 tons, pumpkin – 92 tons.
Annual purchase of import juice concentrate for production needs is 20 tons.

Short caracteristic of the market
The volume of juice production in Belarus in 2011 amounted to 93.9 million standard cans. Juice imports in value terms amounted to $ 21.1 million. The main importing countries are Israel, Russia, Ukraine. The project will provide the Belarusian market with high quality products and export products to the Russian Federation, Ukraine and other countries.

Total project cost
Up to 3 million Euros (amount of investment expenditure depends on the technology)

Investor participation form
A) Attraction of foreign credit lines.
B) Creation of a joint venture based in vacant production space at the canning plant of Grodno.

Organización de producción de jugos y néctares en «tetra paquete» en la planta de conservas de Grodno “Grodnopischeprom”