«Mozhelit» ofrece cooperación en condiciones mutuamente beneficiosas

Currently the company is working with manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers, sole proprietors. It is possible to produce the product according to customer specifications.

The delivery of products is carried out by the various modes of transportation in terms of delivery in accordance with Incoterms 2010. Terms of cooperation and payment are determined for each client individually.

The company has authorized dealers in Russia, but is interested in expanding the geography of deliveries and establishing mutually beneficial cooperation with new customers abroad.

Minimum order:

  • – Gelatin by weight – 25 kg (1 bag).
  • – Packaged gelatin – 7.5 kg (1 box).
  • – Technical animal fat – from 0.5 ton.
  • – Precipitate – from 1 ton.

If you are interested in cooperating with «Mozhelit«, you can submit your business proposal to jrudenya@camarahispanobielorrusa.com or contact us by phone 93 207 63 39.