«Kommunarka» busca socios para una cooperación de beneficio mutuo

«Kommunarka» offers partnership in form of FRANCHISING (FREE OF CHARGE). You get the best prices for large orders and the most comfortable conditions for your business.


BENEFITS of partnership with «KOMMUNARKA»:

– High brand recognition

– Wide range: more than 200 of confectionery products

– Constant updating of the range of products to meet changing market trends

– It’s only natural raw materials used in the manufacture of confectionery products

– Data base of loyal customers

– Efficient logistics supply


SUPPORT of Partners:

 – Providing design project of retail spaces (shopping hall, chocolate bar)

 – Providing advertising and POS-materials

 – Provision of branded racks for chocolate and candy weight

 – Information about current promotions on the site «Kommunarka»


If you are interested in cooperating with «Kommunarka», you can submit your business proposal to jrudenya@camarahispanobielorrusa.com or contact us by phone 93 207 63 39.