Creation of joint venture for the organization of processing waste tires

Descripcion of the investment project
The investment project consists of organization of recycling in order to obtain tire crumb rubber.

Launch product
Tire crumb rubber.

Investment area
Production Base «Belpromtara», Minsk, street Babushkina, 22.

Total project cost
Amount of investment expenditure depends on the technology.

Price of the tire crumb rubber
From $ 500 per ton.
It is planned to supply crumb rubber for export.

Financing sources
Budgetary funds and foreign investment.

Investor participation form

Contribution of the parties
Belarusian side:
– Availability of used tires in a fixed volume;
– Transfer of real estate with land in Minsk, street Babushkina 22 on favorable terms;
– Machinery.

Necessary maquinery
Crusher, magnetic separator, conveyor, granulator.

Benefits for foreign investors
Preparation of application for exemption from customs duties and VAT on imported machinery and other benefits to the joint venture under the laws of the Republic of Belarus.