• Budpragres Minsk

    Budpragres MinskBudpragres is the major construction exhibition in Belarus. Among the exhibitors are leading national and international suppliers in the fields of building materials, construction machinery, construction services and many more suppliers.

    Private visitors and commercial building owners have the opportunity to see the full range of products and services related to construction.

    Date: 09.09.2014 – 12.09.2014.

    Audience: Professional visitors and general public.

    Sectors: Construction, environmental conditioning techniques, building techniques, ventilation.

  • Furniture Design Components Minsk

    Furniture Design Components Minsk

    Furniture.Design.Components is a major international furniture fair in the Universal Manezh of Minsk. Among other things, there are furniture, furniture and product components from the interior such as carpets, floor coverings, lightning and fireplace.

    Visitors can be fully informed about innovations and trends in the field and establish contacts.

    Date: 29.09.2014 – 03.10.2014.

    Audience: Professional visitors and general public.

    Sectors: Indoor expansion, construction, furniture.

  • Woodworking Minsk

    Woodworking MinskInternational fair of wood transformation and furniture manufacturing. Woodworking is the largest, most authoritative international exhibition specialized in machinery, equipment and technologies for wood industry and furniture in the Republic of Belarus.

    The whole range of logging equipment and wood is presented such as the preparation equipment, primary to sawing, wood drying, automated processing centers and industrial furniture manufacturing lines.

    Fecha: 30.09.2014 – 03.10.2014.

    Audience: Professional visitors and general public

    Sectors: Machinery construction, tools, wood industry.

  • Transport and Logistics Minsk

    Transport and logistics MinskTransport and logistics fair. Transport and logistics is en exhibition dedicated to all the questions related to logistics and transportation of goods and passengers. The industry professionals gather annually at the Universal Manezh of Minsk to share new products and inform about innovations.

    Among the exhibitors one might find providers of transport, transport vehicles, freight, storage facilities, airport and port equipments, transport repair and transit systems.

    Date: 07.10.2014 – 09.10.2014.

    Audience: Only professional visitors.

    Sectors: Vehicle construction, infrastructure, logistics, transport

  • Expobuilding Minsk

    Expobuilding MinskFeria internacional de la construcción.
    Expobuilding es una de las más grandes ferias internacionales de construcción en Europa del Este. En esta feria fabricantes, tanto nacionales como internacionales, presentan las últimas innovaciones y desarrollos en la industria.

    Fecha: 14.10.2014 – 17.10.2014.

    Audiencia: Únicamente para visitantes profesionales.

    Sectores: Ampliación de interiores, construcción, construcción de casas, ingeniería civil, materiales de construcción, técnicas de acondicionamiento ambiental, técnicas de calefacción.

  • Energy Expo Minsk

    Energy Expo MinskInternational Congress and Energy y Ecology Exhibition. Traditionally Energy Expo draws the attention of leading international and domestic manufacturers of hardware, technologies and materials for energy sector, environmental protection, energy saving and electrical engineering.

    Today, the exhibition is one of the largest of its kind in the Community of Independent States and the Baltic States.

    Date: 14.10.2014 – 17.10.2014.

    Audience: Professional visitors and general public.

    Sectors: Energy, environment.

  • Medicine Minsk

    Medicine MinskMedicine fair. Medicine is an exhibition dedicated to medicine as such that will take place at the Exhibition Pavilion in Minsk. Main national and international industry suppliers will demonstrate their ultimate products and services: among others, diagnostic equipment, radiology equipment, technology laboratory, hospital practices and furniture, medicine, etc.

    Within Medicine one might encounter Health.Beauty.Intimacy, Let food be your medicine…, Safe hospital environment and Emergency Medicine.

    Date: 21.10.2014 – 24.10.2014.

    Audience: Professional visitors and general public.

    Sectors: Medicine, laboratory methods, medical techniques.

  • Belarus Dent Minsk

    Belarus Dent MinskInternational dentist forum. The main objective of Belarus Dent exhibition is to show the latest advances in dental treatments, state of technologies, equipment and materials, showing the latest investigation results, sharing the experience and promoting the cooperation among dentists from different countries.

    Belarus Dent Conference will provide an opportunity for dentists, dental technicians, managers and specialists of dental clinics, manufacturers and suppliers of dentist products to discuss the latest achievements, establish business contacts and enhance professionalism.

    The Forum will include group meetings to discuss the most current issues of dentistry, master-classes, demonstrations and presentations of the latest developments in dentistry.

    Date: 22.10.2014 – 24.10.2014.

    Audience: Only professional visitors.

    Sectors: Dental medicine, dentistry, dental techniques.

  • Bank Insurance Leasing Minsk

    Bank Insurance Leasing MinskExposition specialized in Banking, Insurance and Leasing. Bank. Insurance. Leasing fair is organized with the support of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus and the Ministry of Economy that present the latest issues and new products in the industry. Visitors can find many forums for information on new funding models and the impact of inflation or tax breaks.

    Date: 30.10.2014 – 01.11.2014.

    Audience: Only professional visitors.

    Sectors: Finances, financial services.

  • Interstyle Minsk

    Interstyle MinskHairdresser, make up and beauty exposition. Interstyle is the only trade show on Belarus entirely dedicated to hair style, makeup and body care, equipment and accessories. The exhibition will include perfumes, baby care products, cosmetics, face and body care products, furniture and accessories for SPA centers, hairdressers, beauty centers and gyms, etc.

    Interstyle is the only event of its kind in Belarus that allows its participants, apart from exhibition of traditional activities, to use the benefits of using a large number of shows, master classes and professional contests run under the same roof as exhibition. Within the Interstyle will be organized Estel Beauty Cup Professional Hairdressers Championship, a day of competition and show.

    Date: 05.11.2014 – 08.11.2014.

    Audience: Professional visitors and general public.

    Sectors: Well being, cosmetics, health.