Export to Belarus: Requirements and documentation

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Belarus has become a very attractive market for Spanish companies. The crisis in Spain and market saturation force small and medium businesses seek alternative markets to export their products and services. Belarus is one of them with access to the large and dynamic market of the Customs Union to which has recently joined Armenia. The Spanish export has doubled in the last five years from 72 million euros in 2008 to 144 million euros in 2013. The Spanish companies have great interest in developing trade and economic cooperation with Belarus. Only in Catalonia there are 348 Catalan companies working with Belarusian partners. Among the sectors of opportunity tree may be distinguished automation, renewable energy, pharmaceuticals, meat and meat products and machinery for the agricultural sector in which case it is estimated that its import will grow from 4 to 6% annually.

With this growing trend, more Spanish companies express their interest in establishing relations with Belarus and market their products and services in the Belarusian market or customs territory. From the Hispano-Belarusian Chamber of Commerce we explain step by step what to start with:

1. Preliminary study of the market. Before any action to be taken, it is important to have a broad view of the prospects and opportunities of the selected sector. In the Hispano-Belarusian Chamber of Commerce we provide information about the economic environment of the country, market situation of the selected sector and possible barriers such as price, tariffs and customs regulations.

2. Market Report. After conducting market prospecting and establishing the first business contacts, it is essential to develop the expansion strategy identifying the most appropriate distribution channels and prepare a detailed commercialization plan taking into account the objectives of the business plan.

3. Trade Mission. Personal contact has a great role in establishing commercial contacts in Belarus. One of the key moments in the trade mission is to have an agenda of potential prospects previously filtered and interested in products and services. In the Hispano-Belarusian Chamber of Commerce we perform prospecting and establishing contacts with distributors through trade visits depending on the individual needs of customers.

4. Document requirements. Depending on the sector and product to market, in many cases there are previous procedures required before you can proceed with the export. In some cases, this requires some investment, which is inevitable, but always necessary to start selling. With some of them you can familiarize here.


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