Spanish companies with commercial visit to Belarus

Apr 11, 2016 No comments

Continues the growing interest of Spanish companies in Belarus. The trade mission to Belarus that will be held until April 15 opens today. Twelve companies from Murcia have come to Minsk, the capital of Belarus, with the aim of consolidating contacts and commercial actions with importers, distributors and sales agents.

Belarus is a gateway to the Eurasian Economic Union with 180 million consumers.

The key sectors with the highest priority are:

  • Information technology: Belarus is presented as the Silicon Valley of Eastern Europe. The sector already accounts for one and a half percent of gross domestic product in the country, with the capital from the US or Japan.
  • High technologies: the main objective of the investment activity is the effective implementation of investment projects to create and develop high-tech industries and industries that provide economic competitiveness in domestic and foreign markets.
  • Franchises: the franchise market in Belarus is in an early stage of development, but in recent months it is increasing significantly. In general, the development of conditions for franchising are favorable. Belarus aims to export promotion, investment promotion, business development in the regions. Growth under the franchise system is a suitable tool for solving all these problems. Thus, franchise development in Belarus will be much more active.
  • Pharmaceutical sector sector and health services: the main advantages of investing in the pharmaceutical industry in Belarus are the access to the market access of large capacity an dynamics, state support of investment projects in the field of pharmaceuticals and potential for human resources

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