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Tax on the purchase of foreign currencies

Dec 23, 2014 camara Impuestos No comments
To stabilize the situation in the market, the National Bank of Belarus has temporarily boosted – until February 1, 2015 – the 30 percent fee for buyers of foreign exchange from December 20. Companies and banks pay the fee in the stock market and individuals in the form of commission [...]
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Comparison of the main taxes in Spain and Belarus

Dec 15, 2014 camara Impuestos No comments
  BELARUSSPAIN Benefit tax18%30% Capital gains tax18%27% TThe tax rate on income from foreign organizations not operating in Belarus through a permanent establishment:Payment for transport and cargo in relation to the implementation of international transport, and for the provision of freight6% Income from debt securities of any kind, including income from [...]
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Wage and tax comparison in Belarus and Spain

Nov 18, 2014 camara Impuestos No comments
Spain tops the salary withholdings, where 25.10% of the current average salary and 24.70% of the minimum wage are paid. In contrast, in Belarus 12% of current average wage and minimum wage is retained. BELARUS SPAIN Average annual salary 4.539,96 € Average annual salary 19.985,48 € Tax percentage 12.00 % [...]
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Free economic zones in Belarus

Nov 14, 2014 camara Impuestos 1 comment
Free economic zones Free economic zones (FEZs) are areas where there is a special regime for entrepreneurial activities and special incentives for business development, in particular tax and customs privileges. In Belarus, there are six FEZs – “Brest”, “Minsk”, “Gomel-Raton”, “Vitebsk”, “Mogilev” and “Grodnoinvest”. FEZ residents Only FEZ residents registered [...]
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