Belarus strengthens trade relations with Venezuela

Oct 30, 2015 No comments

Traditionally political, economic and social relations between the Republic of Belarus and Latin countries have been very close and financially rewarding in both directions.

The sectors with the most commercial relationship are the petrochemical, construction, raw materials and heavy industry. In order to strengthen relations between the two countries it has been increased the staff assigned to the Embassy of Venezuela in Belarus, and there has been named a new ambassador, His Excellency Mr. José Boggiano Pericchi with a good knowledge of the idiosyncrasies of the Republic of Belarus.

Spanish companies tangentially benefit of these trade relations, amounting to billions of euros, as by proximity of the Spanish auxiliary industry and language. In the Spanish-Belarusian Chamber of Commerce there have been closed specific foreign trade agreements.

The Spanish-Belarussian Chamber of Commerce welcomes Minsk’s new ambassador, His Excellency Mr. José Boggiano Pericchi, wishing him success in promoting the relations between Belarus and the Latin world.


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