Archives: November, 2014

Tramits to register biologically active supplements

Nov 28, 2014 camara Trámites No comments
What are biologically active supplements? Biologically active additives are natural and (or) biologically identical to natural active substances and probiotic microorganisms intended for use with food or with the introduction of food substances. Biologically active additives are included in Section II of the single list of goods subject to sanitary [...]
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Belarus, good platform to promote products

Nov 24, 2014 camara Relaciones internacionales No comments
Belarus will become a good platform for the expansion of cooperation between the company “Stadler Rail Group” with other countries of the Eurasian Economic Union. So confessed the CEO of the Swiss company “Stadler Rail Group” Peter Shpuler in the opening ceremony of the plant “Stadler Minsk” in Fanipol (Dzerzhinsky [...]
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Belarus ranks third in the world in property registry

Nov 20, 2014 camara Negocios en Bielorrusia No comments
According to the World Bank report “Doing Business-2015“, Belarus has remained third out of 189 in the “Property registration” ranking. Cumulative rate in this indicator amounted to 96.67%. In this indicator, Belarus is ahead of the highly developed in the field of land administration countries such as Norway (5th), Denmark [...]
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Wage and tax comparison in Belarus and Spain

Nov 18, 2014 camara Impuestos No comments
Spain tops the salary withholdings, where 25.10% of the current average salary and 24.70% of the minimum wage are paid. In contrast, in Belarus 12% of current average wage and minimum wage is retained. BELARUS SPAIN Average annual salary 4.539,96 € Average annual salary 19.985,48 € Tax percentage 12.00 % [...]
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